I am a surf, ocean and lifestyle photographer based on the Northern Beaches in Freshwater Beach, NSW, Sydney. I have had my work published in leading surfing and ocean magazines (Whitehorses Magazine, Pacific Longboarder and Chasing Clarity).

My Story

I picked up a camera for the first time in on a surf trip to Byron Bay. The camera was very basic, but had a decent zoom lens and its was quite a bit better than an iPhone camera. A few shots at "The Wreck" (the surf break), was all it took to get hooked. As a surfer, I naturally pointed my camera at all things surfing. Surfers, surfboards, waves, pretty much anything ocean and beach related, in those early days it dominated my work as I sought to master surf photography. It wasn't long before I invested in a water housing, so that I could capture the immersive water perspectives that I'd regularly see from the water as a surfer. Swimming around and taking pictures is something that gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction and enjoyment, and images that, frankly, I just like looking at.

As I continued to learn and share my work via social media and my website, customers, clients and work colleagues started reaching out to me to help with their projects. I started expanding my skills and experience photographing subjects outside of surfing. Over the years I have done Portraits, Fitness, Food, Lifestyle, Small Business and even Cars.

I have a a blend of documentary, editorial and lifestyle style of photography. I'm always looking for the story or how a single image or set of images can tell a story. The story of you, the story of your brand or a lifestyle story. My own journal captures some of my own stories, be that a surf trip to Long Reef or a Morning at Freshwater Beach - there's always a story to be told, and it adds a depth to the images.

Truth be told, even with surf photography, I don't want to capture 7,000 similars pictures of someone surfing. I'd rather tell the story of a session in a richer way. I'm always looking for the angles and perspectives, so that I end up with a variety of images which tells the story in a complete way. I approach much of my work in the same manner, how can I make the images of the story interesting, beautiful and fresh. The aim is to immerse the viewer in the story.


Prints : I have a print store, and smaller A4 and A3 formats are occasionally available at the following Freshwater Beach locations, The Pocket Cafe and Keel Surf & Supply. I also have printed images for surfers that I have photographed, on a range of medium (Acrylics, Aluminium and Fine Art Paper)

Coffee Table Books : I produce a coffee table book series entitled, 'Fresh Light' which contains my favourite pictures from each year. The books are available to be purchased online, via Blurb books.

Stock Images : I have opened up my collection of beach and lifestyle images that are available to be licensed for use on social media platforms, if you need to inject that beach and surf vibe into your social media.

Commercial Work : I have also done a range of commercial work, such as lifestyle photography for surf and fitness, portraits and brand work, have a look at my recent projects here.

I also support my local board rider clubs, shooting for free for the members and the clubs personal use.

[ * Banner photograph kindly provided by Jamen Percy and B&W edit by me ]

White Horses Magazine - Issue 42

Double page feature of Tom Payne, in Issue 42 of Whitehorses Magazine.

White Horses Magazine - Issue 40

Full page picture of Taiyo Masuda in Issue 40 of Whitehorses Magazine

Surfing Life Magazine

Placed in the top 36 images in the Surfing Life Magazine 2021 Surf Photo Comp ( issue 357 see below third down from the top, far left)

Chasing Clarity Magazine

Cover shot for Issue 02 of Chasing Clarity Magazine. I've been a fan of the ocean imagery podcast, so I was stoked when the team picked one of my images for the cover.

Pacific Longboarder

Full page picture of Caelan in Issue 111 of Pacific Longboarder Magazine.