Surf Photography

As I'm a surfer and surf fan, I have naturally specialised in surf photography. This portfolio contains a small selection of my surfing photos, that I've taken of both professional surfers and free surfers, mostly on the Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW Australia.

I appreciate the similarities and difference between short board action photos and stylish longboards photos. When conditions permit, I take photos from the water which is a completely different perspective to that of photos taken from the beach.

I've also included a few line up shots for a spot of mind surfing and seeing waves in the natural vista.

I also have a surf lifestyle portfolio, which captures those surfing related, in-between moments that are all part of the experience.

Follow me at on Instagram for regular drops of new images. I'm also available to shoot your next surf session, and you don't need to be a pro or experienced surfer to get high quality professional photos of you in the ocean.

[ Banner Photo : Jasper Welsh, WQS Surfer. Narrabeen ]

Gabriel Medina, 2 x WSL World Tour Champ

Italo Ferreira, before the Narrabeen Classic

Michel Bourez, free surfing at Narrabeen

Jordy Lawler, WQS Surfer at home in Narrabeen

Kelly Slater, 11 x WSL World Champ. The G.O.A.T. - Manly Beach 2019

Surf Lineup and Vistas

There is no greater quest than to find the perfect lineup, it’s in the DNA of every hard core surfer on the the planet. The dream of discovery, searching coastlines for empty lineups, chasing swells, surf adventure at it’s best. [Ted Grambeau - Internationally renowned Photographer]

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