Freshwater Beach - Stock Images

Freshwater Beach Stock Images - A collection of my images that can be used on your social media account, by either licensing individual images or using an annual subscription, depending on how many images you need to supplement your social media channels.

The images collection consists of surf, surfing and beach lifestyle images mostly at Freshwater Beach (and a few of Curl Curl and the Manly Stretch), and of course plenty of Freshwater Beach vista shots.

New images are added to the collection on a regular basis, and at last count there are 500 images in the collection that spans 2023, 2022 and 2021.

There's 3 subscription plans, depending on the frequency of how many images you want to add into your social media channels. (See below)

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Weekly Subscriptions for Social Media.

Weekly Plan (1 image / week)

  • 52 images
  • annual subscription - $1,040
  • $20 / image cost

Contact me for further details

Fortnightly Subscriptions for Social Media.

Fortnightly Plan (1 mage / 2 weeks)

  • 24 Images
  • annual subsciption - $840
  • $35 / image cost

Contact me for further details

Monthly Subscriptions for Social Media.

Monthly Plan (1 image / month)

  • 12 images
  • annual subscription - $720
  • $60 / image cost

Contact me for further details

Individual Image Licences for Social Media

1 Image licence for all social media channels for 12 months.

  • 1 image
  • all social media channels - $78
  • discounts available for volumes over 20 images

Contact me for further details


Do I need to give credit when using these photos ? A - Yes, so we can see how you use them and we can amplify your posts.

How big are the images ? A - They are 2048px on the long side - perfect for social media (I provide a 3x2, 5x4 and 9x16 crop of each image)

Can I use these images on my wesbite ? A - the licence and subscription is for Social Media Use Only, you also might need a larger size image for websites. If you would like to use the images on your website, I can create a different licence for that usage, which will be an additional cost.

Can I preview the images ? A - Yes, although the 'browse' collection is watermarked and password protected. The browse collection allows you to create a favourites list. Contact me for the password

I've seen an image on your Instagram pages, and it's not in the 'browse collection', can I get access to that image ? A - Yes, not every image makes it into the collection but I can add it to your collection as part of a individual image licence or part of your subscription plan.

How long do I get access to the photos ? A - you are licensed to use the photos whilst your subscription (or licence for individual photos) is valid.

How often can I use the images on Social Media ? A - as often as you like, even though you might be on a monthly plan, you are free to cycle through the images more frequently. I also give you different crops for stories and posts to help you maximise your investment.

How are the images delivered ? A - The images are processed within 7 days and uploaded to your own collection, on my downloads website, each collection is password protected and makes it easy to download and share with your social media team.

Can I use the images across multiple businesses ? A - the licence terms are only for 1 business entity and are non-transferable, non-exclusive and non-assignable use and for Social Media only. In my standard license you may not transfer the images to your customers or re-sell the images as standalone files or as part of templates, themes, graphics, prints, stickers, or any printed items intended for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a license to resell my images as part of templates, themes, or other projects please get in contact.

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