Quiet again.

July was a bit quiet on the photography front at the start of the month - looking back I can't see why, most likely other priorities. I took advantage of the EOFY and did a small upgrade to the kit. I've spent a few sessions, in July and August just working out some of the new capabilities and getting to grips with slightly different handling. I've taken every opportunity to get some reps under the belt including shooting a few frames for the Swellnet 'Yard Sale' for Lifeline.

Surf wise, the main complaint seems to be the banks and lack of shape - most likely due to the lack lustre winter that we've had. We really need a few decent swells to move the sand around again.

Straight, but worth a nudge.

Sometimes, just getting in the brine is enough.

Small - and straight

Swellnet - lifeline 'Yard Sale'

If you were patient and picked the right one - you'd do ok