June 2023

Yes, we are half way through 2023 - time slipped away quickly. All my spare time has been used shooting rather than time at my computer - hence the radio silence. It's not a bad thing to be honest. The clocks changed, and the nights got shorter. Autumn has come and gone, only stopping to deliver some epic surf days, some impressive storms and a load of blue sky days.

Winter has technically started, although it certainly felt like we had a few doses of Winter a in Autumn. The good news is that June 21 st, the shortest day of the year, is close so we should be back on the way to shorter nights.

Shooting wise it's been good, I helped out with the One Wave is all it takes 10 year anniversary as Mark was doing a video project on Andrea and couldn't do both, Jamen also made an appearance before work. It was a good vibe to shoot with a few other surf photographers. The Fluro Friday crew were frothing (despite the less than log friends conditions). I also helped out taking a few pictures for the very first Women and Girls Coaching session for the FBI, coached by none other than Layne Beachley. If you are going to be coached - it might as well be by the best. 7 world titles and 5 of those consecutively, a record that has yet to be surpassed by any surfer, Male or Female.

I managed to squeeze a few solo sessions when my availability coincided with good conditions. The last session, was a shorter than normal trip to the local WSL event, Sydney Surf Pro CS event at Narrabeen. Saturday and the finals day had epic conditions, and whilst I like the convenience of Manly hosting - Narrabeen was by far the better choice and the competitors for the most part had good conditions,

I also did another a fitness lifestyle portrait session with Jemma, this time down at Freshwater and not in the Gym, and I've been help a HSC student get some footage for his major works project - a movie that he's putting together.

Here are my pics from the last few months, some that you might have seen and some new. Enjoy.

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Sunrise for Eva

Mark Morgan, other side of the glass this time

Andrea, Freshwaters unofficial mayoress

Chantelle, stalling

The Fluro Friday Crew.

Chani and Jakub

Early Start for the FBI coaching session

Not a bad sunrise.

Bella charging

The girls were all ears, listening to the wisdom

No caption needed


Rock off

Off the top

No worries, Andy and Scott with Oatley leading the way

First time I've seen a wave break there, and I walk this path fairly frequently

Tommy B, always in the spot - mostly because he's always out there

Unknown, wave of the morning

Car Park Vibes, with a view

Gone Surfing


Keep on walking

Solo session for the Waxhead

See that guy, glasses and cap - Peter 'Joli' Wilson - legendary surf photographer

2% crew

Sydney Surf Pro

Just some pro surfers

Crosby, locked in the shade

Zahli Kelly - this kids got a big future ahead of her

Nikki, finding tube time

Evening Commute Sunsets

Fitness Lifestyle Shoot Prep