Wednesday 18th May

Local surfers, Tully (above) and Declan, were through to the next round on Wednesday. I had work commitments in the morning and afternoon with a window of opportunity around my Lunch break. It's pretty neat having a world class event, so close. I literally, nipped down to the beach with my camera. I'd had the WSL on in the background (on 7plus of course) and I could see some of the final heats were due to start. I didn't get to see all of the men's heats before I had to return and to my desk and resume the last calls of the day.

Still you can't beat a lunch break, on the beach, watching the best surfers in the world compete.

Tully and Mason, heading to the water for the start of the heat

Chloe Calmon, deft foot work that would see her go into the final

Stylish form by Mason Schremmer

Avalon Gall, soaking up some free surfing goodness

Rachael Tilly, poised on the nose

Maria, a few banks further south from the comp zone

Honolua, tip time on a left runner

Clean 10 for Soleil

Honolua, 5 over with an iconic Sydney backdrop

Kai and Kaniela, pre heat shoot - probably the best heat of the comp

Kaimana, 10 over outside the comp zone.

Avalon, gliding past the boat house

Ben Skinner, going for a walk

Cole, passing the buoy.

Harrison, with some clean rail work

Tuesday 24th May

Finals day. After the previous Wednesday, the Challenger series started and ran through a number of consecutive days until the men and women were into the finals rounds. I'd taken the day off as leave, I wanted to watch the finals actions and support the local surfers Tully White and Declan Wyton.

The forecast wasn't great, plenty of stormy rain and dark clouds - rather than deal with having to lug around a telephoto lens, I decided that I'd take some smaller lenses that I could fit easily under my rain coat, and capture a different perspective than I would normally.

It was a pretty dark start to the morning and it didn't get any better throughout the day, with the sun holding out and only making an appearance for the awards.

I really thought that combining the CS and Longboard Tour was a great event, and worked really well in making the most of the variable conditions that you get during the waiting period.

Chloe Calmon, first heat of the morning

The Tully and Declan Support Crew, and Drew of SCS working his content magic

Ian Bird & Fabio Silvestre, styling at the gentlemens shooting club

RCal, contemplating the heat

Tru on the beach, getting the post heat feels.

Winners, are grinners. Example 1 - Harrison Roach

Example 2 - Teresa Bonvalot

Done. It was really cool seeing the Longboard Tour and CS on the same stage