Summer - Issue 1

What a cracking summer we had, so many warm days coupled with warm water - it just seemed to keep on giving and well into the Autumn season.

The intention for the Journal, was to share my images and work in a larger format, images that don't work so well on a phone tend to translate better on a laptop screen. It's also a way to give a bit more description and story to the images that you see on Instagram and a place to show images that don't make it onto social media. It's also a place to call out some updates. Such as, I have added a few new images to the store and also a new 'surf lifestyle' collection of images that are a somewhat anonymous take on surfing scenes, surfing pictures that are more art than surfing and something that you could hang on your wall.

With all that said, I've been thinking about these updates and what I can do differently in 2024, and also what additional value to a subscriber.

So, A3 print give-aways will be exclusively for subscribers only - something that you don't get from the social media channels. I've already given away a couple of prints, an early landscape of freshwater beach and a black and white picture of Queencliff Bombie. If you are the lucky winner, I'll email you or if you follow me on instagram, I'll send you a DM. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen the announcements.

I' m also thinking about something a bit bigger, a book give-away sometime this year. I've yet to work out the details of when. Stay tuned I guess ! and it's even more reason to send the newsletter on to your friends.

Consistency has been lacking since I started doing the Journal, so this year I'm going to put out 1 update every three months, 4 issue for the year on a quarterly basis.

So shooting wise, 2024 got off to a slow start - in January I didn't really pick up the camera except for a small business project - a cafe, food and lifestyle shoot for Butterbox . I'm a big fan of Marty and what he does with his cafes, his environmental stance and commitment to community, so it was a pleasure to work with him on the project. A few of the lifestyle hero images that I had in my concepts came to life really well, and it was great to shoot with an awesome crew of kids who, despite no experience, nailed the brief. There's a bunch more photos on the clients section of my website, if you really want to see more. Below are some of the shots of the lifestyle concept.

February made up for the slow January, and I fitted in a visit to Freshwater Boardriders Feb Comp, a couple of sunrise sessions. March started with the Bennett x ep.cleanup Demo day, the relaunch or the Manly to Freshwater Surfing Reserve, a water session and a few from a busy easter Sunday. More details below.

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Freshwater Boardriders February Comp - 17th Feb

The waves and winds were difficult and shifty. The sun was out, the water was warm and the beers cold - almost all of the elements came together, to make it a great day. Regardless of the conditions the FBI boys and girls ripped in the conditions, and well and truly earned a refreshment. Even the coach, Jarrad Howse, was has having a good dig.

Jarrad, chucking a bucket or two.

The first water session for the year - 26th Feb.

The forecast was 50/50 for a decent sunrise when I made last minute plans to get in the water. There was enough cloud to provide a canvas for the sun and atmosphere to work some magic into the sky. Unfortunately the rips were terrible, and the waves weren't much better. I did what I could and came away with a few shots, but it wasn't a long session. The sunrise did make up for what was a pretty average session. I did manage to get an OK shot of Salim, picking out a left hander with some shape, which was good going considering the ratio of decent waves to closeouts.

A split second in the making

Salim, picking a good one

The best views are from the ocean, Andrew enjoying a early morning surf

Line up greetings, Shaka Salim !

Sometimes the best plan is no plan - 29th Feb

Sometimes, you just have to go for a walk, see what the morning offers and look out for interesting compositions. Usually evenings and even weeks prior I'm cross referencing work schedules, surfline, weatherzone and clearoutside trying to workout which days to surf, which days to take the housing in the water and which days to use the long lens on the beach. So sometimes, it's much easier and simpler to pick one lens and just see where the light takes you. The 29th was such a day, so the shots are a tad 'random'.

The st alma freshwater door way, was a composition I was drawn too, mostly because of the way the light illuminated the cactus against the shadow of the door way and the colours. The repeating pattern of triangles also helps the composition work. I removed, a few distracting elements in post and reduced the contrast and then added in a fade to give it a film look.

Minimal capture

Sometimes the simplest of scenes catches my eye, the shadows, angles and repeating triangles make this stand out.

Bennetts Demo Day x EP.Cleanup - 3rd March

Another day, of just walking out of the door with no real plan. I'd seen on the 'gram that Bennetts were having a demo day, I thought I'd drop by on my way to shoot some beach scenes and see if there were any interesting boards. I ended up staying and chatting to a few familar faces (surfcraftbrewing, theartoftrim and sproutdaily), and as no one else was taking photo's I spent a bit more time there than I planned. Callum from Smiling Sun was there getting some video for a Bennett reel, it was great to meet him and see him work his magic on the rig.

Emu Parade (@ep.cleanup) was providing the coffee, in exchange for rubbish collected from Freshwater Beach. Roland is another fantastic eco warrior and community legend. If you've not heard about Emu Parade, then check out the details at the website , get involved or donate.

Emu Parade, helping to keep this pristine.

Tasty selection of sleds from Bennett Surfboards

Rolly and Tom

Art of Trim, nice D-fin

Trish, the eco-wagon


Jono and Matt, Jono double dipping with a coaching and trying Bennett board session in one

The Diamond tail got a lot of attention

Classic lines of a triple stringer

Manly Freshwater World Surfing Reserve Relaunch - 6th March

A loose plan this time. Manly Freshwater Surfing Reserve was having a re-launch at Queenscliff Pool at 7:30am, which was shortly after sunrise. I thought I'd go and watch, I mean there aren't too many of them in the world and for my local beach to be included is pretty special. It also was the time of the day when the light would be nice to capture some early morning vibes.

As I was walking down Moore road, heading to the beach I spotted something new. A large sign illuminated against the dawn sky attached to Shaka Cafe. Freshwater Brewing Company. Fresh. Local. Beers. The colour palette of the sign almost matched the sky, It seemed rude not to take a picture or two. You can certainly see where the guys got the branding inspo from.

Fresh. Local. Beers

Layne, Richie and Doug during the re-launch

Slight Plan - 13th March

It was time to change it up for March, so this time out came the 1oo-400mm lens, the heaviest of my lenses. I was after some compressed sunrise back lit silhouettes, and I figured that this would deliver the results. Paired with the Canon R6 Mark ii, this combination is epic and I can tell the difference between the newer full frame and the older crop camera (the Canon 80d) in the crispness of the full frame sensor and the increased dynamic range.

Mark, behind the surboard and in-front of the camera

Sarah, on the morning commute.

CPL - 31st March

Circular Polariser (CPL) is a filter that you can use to reduce the glare on relective surfaces, such as car, leaves and water. It also has a minor increase in saturation and evens out the shadows. I wanted to test out a new film style edit, in bright midday sun.

Yeah, Autumn isn't so bad

Perfect for a dip

Low tide short cut


Until Next Issue - see you in the water...or on the beach...or walking the streets.

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