April has started with a bang

Yes, another massive swell event coupled with favourable winds. The points, slabs and bombie were, again, a sight to behold. I've been out of the water, no surfing or water photography and with the drenching we have had I've not been inclined to shoot much.

So on Saturday I took off on foot and walked to Deadman's and back, to see what I could capture and seek out some new angles and explore some areas that I've been thinking off.

These are the images from that meandering.

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Locking one in - these were the 'smaller' waves.

Backhand surfing is hard at the best of times, but in waves of consequence it's a whole different level.

A sight to behold an empty rolls through.

Chono on the new yellow stick, easy to pick him out in a line-up

Another vantage point, I think I need a 1.4 extender

Even the quiet places were busy - when it's on, the whole crew are there

Manly Kegs

Dodging the crowds (and closeouts)

Bit too high for the Bombie, it was better on the way back


Yep, everyone thinks this was wave of the day - and I tend to agree. I believe it might be Josh Ku on a monster

There was a solid spectator crew. Why wouldn't you

There were heaps of photographer and filmers too.

No vantage point was left empty.

Skirting the foam ball

100% slotted. This is it.

Even the bower was solid

Entry plan

Exit plan

It was dropping fast, just enough for a trim and glide