Stormy Weekend

The ISO walks started off with a stormy Saturday, the oceans raw energy was on full display, with chaotic surf conditions. Sunday was a different proposition, whilst the waves had cleaned up, there were persistent showers and so I headed out with my long lens and Aquatech rain shield. I spent my time walking around various headlands, hoping get a few different angles. Deadman's would not doubt be well covered by frothing photographers, film makers and keen onlookers so I decided to avoid that this time.

The Queenscliff Bombie was quite the sight, after years of watching it barely break, this winter I have seen it really come to life. The first time, no one was out, this time was quite different. A solid crew of chargers, populated the take off zone. I managed to get a number of shots, but the banner of Kevin Tucker, is one of the keepers.

Raw and disorganised at Freshwater Beach

Bombie crew and one that slips past

Kevin Tucker, on one of the waves of the day.

Deadman's Crew

Air drop

Back in the brine

It was good to get back in the water shooting. After the last outing, where the camera housing sprung a leak and almost finished off my camera, I was keen to get back in the water and see if my fix worked. I wanted to test it under pressure and in the ocean and I'd been waiting for the swell to drop, so that the swim in would be quick - should the leak appear. Friday morning 1-2' was perfect, unfortunately my window in the morning was at the same time as low tide. Freshie was delivering the usual low tide closeouts, so surfing actions shot were few and far between. It feels good to be able to get back in the water, for a health dose of essential exercise and wellness.

Here are the shots from Friday


Pretty Standard Freshwater - busy as.

Benny, finding a quick section

The Duke watching on

Jagged edged wedge.


Freshwater SLSC