Januarys Update, and a wrap up from last year

December, as usual, was all go. The last minute push from work, and impending Xmas leave left little time for anything else as we headed into the break. With a healthy amount of enforced leave, I had visions of spending mornings and afternoons surfing and shooting (taking pictures) in some gentle longboard waves, fanned with offshore breezes and sunny warm sunlit days.

As we all know, that dream didn't go to plan. We had large surf, cloudy conditions, rain and a large number of onshore days. I surfed more that I shot, managed to get heaps of water time before work in the final week before the break.

As a result, I didn't have many images that would justify a journal entry over the last couple of months. So here is a bit of a bumper issue of December and a bit of January. On the positive side, this week, I did manage to get in the water, with a new - wider - lens, so here are some of those shots too. It looks like I'm going to have to learn my positioning again, but it was a welcome relief to sit a little bit further out, closer to the action and avoid a pounding on the inside.

With surf conditions, not being exactly ideal - I did spend some time practicing landscape style of shots. It's a much slower and considered way of shooting versus swimming around trying to get in the spot for those critical few seconds. You'll see some of those here too.

Enjoy and see you in the water.

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[UPDATE] - On Friday I managed to squeeze in two photo sessions, so lots of surf photos in the next update.

Dreamy little left at Freshwater Beach

Luke Macca and that rainbow.