The surf forecast had 4' south swell. It would be a nice increment from my usual outings. I was anticipating that with the high tide, and if I'm lucky, a nice channel to sit in. A promising forecast if it all comes together.

The forecast was way off. Barely a ripple. Usually at 6:00 am the lineup is already packed. Today it was very quiet. So empty that I was thinking that there would be no one to shoot. Eventually a few learners turned up. It was pretty much perfect conditions for learning - you could wade to out the back and wait for a set to come through and have a go.

Rodegio wanted to catchup and after looking at the conditions, we decided to get in the water and make the most of it. We hoped that with the dropping tide the conditions might get better - it didn't.

Here are the pick of the shots, nothing for the portfolio - and there are a few of the others here, if you were out surfing.

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Jamen throwing a shaka

Plenty of time to look around

board for the conditions

Occasional potential

Micro moments

Party wave

Freshwater SLSC

Heading home

Rodegio getting some slo-mo waves

Perfect for a dip

Boaties Carnival