November Wrap.

October and Novembers sessions are included. I spent a fair amount of time chasing an elusive wave and a shot that I have in mind, it's been nice to venture out of the Freshie bubble. I've bumped in Martin, now that he's setting up a sister cafe to 'the pocket' at long reef beach, called 'butter box', and as of writing this he has opened the doors for business - which is another good reason to visit Longy for a surf, coffee and some food.

I finally managed to get a water session in, it seemed like eternity since the last one at the start of winter. It was a smaller 'warm up' day but finally the conditions and my availability lined up. I'm still hoping to log some more water time both surfing and shooting over the December and January months, last year the conditions over the break were terrible, so I'm optimistic we might get some classic days. I'm still running my old gear in the water for now, and until I can build up the budget for a housing upgrade - although to be honest I don't mind working around the restrictions - it's a good creative challenge.

Enjoy my picks from October and November.

BTW, here are some links to the local businesses mentioned in the captions below. They are all worth a follow and checking out especially if you like supporting local businesses.

Freshwater Brewing

Surfcraft Brewing

Archer Surfboards

Cord & Roy ('surf hats')

Keel Surf and Supply

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Butterbox is open! Drop in for a brew.

Archer and Tully

How tasty is that outline on @archer_surfboards single fin.

Goes alright too! Tully pulled the swapped sticks trick and still has it!

Dani of 'Cord & Roy' the latest coolest hats on the Northern Beaches

Freshwater Longboard Club (FLC) judging tower

...and a word from our sponsors :-)

Random focus test - part of my process

Nathan, peace brother. Founder of Surfcraft Brewing

Paddle out zen moment - sometimes its just great to be in the water.


Crispy lip.

Seconds earlier before the focus locked on. Could have been a good shot