So, after my test water shoot, I was ready to get back into the water and start shooting. However, I didn't expect it to be the following day.

The surf forecast for Friday looked small, the forecast for a great sunrise looked promising - it had all the potential to get some macro shots of the water texture reflected against a sunrise. The plan was to assemble the housing at home, where there would be some light, and then get to the beach before first light. A quick change into the wetsuit and get in the water as early as possible.

Loading the car, I could see the start of the sunrise starting to glow. It was a full on purple burner as I got changed and made my way to the waters edge. Unfortunately once the sunrise had finished, the light was a little - meh!

Here are my favourites and the rest are here.

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Paddling out never looked better

Macro moments and ripples

Tati and Sandra, frothing on the sunrise

Full-on burner

Average surf, above average sunrise

Matt Chojnacki paddling out

Sara, taking a slow paddle out

Misson accomplished

Reflections at dawn

Matt on the nose

Matthew focused

Drop Knee

Parallel Stance