October Session

After many months away from both photography and surfing, I am just getting back into the swing of things.

I've sneaked a few surf sessions in this week, and also a couple of photo sessions - easing myself back into it after 5 months off.

There was a short, but sweet, session at Freshwater on Thursday. I'd left the decision quite late, so I didn't spend much time on the beach before I needed to get back to start work.

On Friday there was a longer session at Curly, shooting a good friend, although I did get some shot of a few other surfers on his paddles back out.

Here's a flavour of both days and here is the link to the full gallery.

Crew chats

Pyto and a fun looking Gato

Vibe surfboard rails to full effect



Little shorey trim for Tom

Bennett Surfboards

Christenson Surfboards

Thomas Surfboards