The short session.

Someone once said that you're not a 'real' surf photographer unless you have flooded a camera or two.

Today I came close to achieving that status.

I'm not entirely sure what happened, everything was locked down and tightened. I did the dunk tests. The session looked promising, right up until I noticed fogging appearing in the front lens port, and spotted a small amount of water collecting inside the housing.

The camera seems to have survived and still appears to be working, but I'll be spending the next few days of lockdown putting the lens port back together and testing to see if I have fixed the problem.

It was a close one today, and I'm hoping that I never hit that 'real' surf photographer milestone.

Here are the images from todays short outing, the best of a very small bunch.

Caelan, checking his rail work

Matt Rooney, in the pocket.

Dark Skies

Zade, also giving the rails some work

Caelan, setting up

Catching ripples