There's always time.

I stood there, watching the grommets tucking into a right hander in the alley. I'd been here once already this morning, and after a short trip to North Steyne, which was offering a junky mess, I had returned. Most of the beach was still closing out, but there was this diamond of a right with a nice back lit section that was semi-makable.

Whilst I was in a state of indecision, assessing if I had enough time to make it worth while. Martin (@the_pocket_freshwater), turned up at the lookout. He was assessing the conditions, probably for a sneaky surf later, whilst the cafe was getting ready for business. We chatted for a bit.

"You going in?" he said

"Nah, I'm running out of time and it will take me a bit to prepare my gear", I replied, as I thought about the 9:00am work call and that I should have just gone in the first time I was here.

"There's alway time", he said, as he smiled, and made his way back to the cafe.

Martin was right, even if I got a few shots it was worth it - that was all the nudge I needed.

I prepared the housing and donned the wettie and got in the water. However, I'd unfortunately manage to leave the shooting mode to one-shot, rather than my usual continuous shooting setting. Without access to my cameras controls once I was in the water, I had no choice but to just spend the time just picking those critical moment and slowing down my flow. I wanted to stay out longer, but the reality of a looming work call mean't it was a shorter session than usual - but a least I came away with something.

Here are some of the shots from Wednesday, thanks Martin.

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The rest of the beach was pretty straight.

Xander, sliding into one with a shoulder

Eb, getting in nice and early on the longboard.

Cliff face reflections

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you ?

Water quality is getting better.

James, having a head dip

It's hard not to snap an empty when its throwing a lip

A few seconds earlier