Morning walks.

Surf photography, from the land at least, is about being patient. Putting yourself in the right spot, with the angle that you want to capture and then waiting for the waves and surfing to come together. You're stationary for long periods, and move around only to get a variety of angles. With the current restrictions, I'm aware that my exercise with a camera needs to be less stationary and more on the go.

As a result there are less action photo opportunities, and so less action shots - until I can get back in the water at least.

Here is what I captured this week, on various walks around the 'hood.

Empty mid curly perfection.

Morning walks aren't so bad

Morning commute in the express lane.

Straight, but worth a try

Freshwater Beach had a few nice moments.

Low tide access

Can't leave the waves.

Million dollar views, without paying a cent.

Keel by night (early morning - actually)

Exit stage left