Flat for Days

Yes, there has been a distinct lack of swell over Winter so far. Anything notable has been very short lived. Local surfers have been talking, and thinking, about trips to Victoria and Tassie, to score halfway decent surf. It's not been all bad though. Those with an inclination for longer surf craft and a ton of patience have probably enjoyed the small and mostly offshore days. In fact, even the banks have cooperated and given the small conditions a bit of shape - if you pick the right time of the tide.

Winter water clarity has been all time. Not much surf to stir up the sand, and no rain to pollute the ocean with whatever is on the street, pavements and nature strips.

When conditions are like this, up high and drone shots really make the place shine. I couldn't resist getting a few pictures from my favourite vantage points of my favourite location.

Recently I've been favouring an afternoon stroll in the last embers of last light, to capture something different than those early morning vibes - not that I mind either, but I have been enjoying a lazy start to the days recently.


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Ayumi, finished for the morning

Dani, and James - washing off the day with a surf

Ola and Mat

Leave foot prints and take photos - it's pretty simple really.

The HH board rack

VIP only

HH. The beach vibes at night