September 2023

I'd spent winter avoiding early mornings, I'd even switched my surfing to the middle of the day. Every time I slept in I regretted not getting up. I felt like I was missing out. I made a bit more of an effort in September and resisted the temptation to hit the snooze button, and managed to get out before sunrise a few times. I also did a small upgrade in gear, and was keen to get to grips with the new system so some of the pictures are on a slightly better system. That said, I've also been carrying around an old camera (Canon 200d for the gear heads) when ever I can. It wasn't getting much use, and doesn't matter if it gets thrown around at bit in the bottom of my bag. There's a mix in here.

I'd forgotten how much activity goes on in our sleepy Freshwater beach and surrounding areas, and each early start provided more than enough moments worthy of putting in a Journal entry.

Early on in September, I spotted the Emu Parade truck parked on the Queenscliff beach - you don't see that often. It was Murray working on a campaign for Emu Parade, Surfrider Northern Beaches and Ben and Jerrys. (captured with the 200d & 24mm pancake)

With the forecast of a super hot summer, back burning efforts have been underway and whilst this isn't great for the air quality, it does serve up some nice sunrise glows and hazy conditions, which are on display below.

September is also the month that Surfaid runs the 'Make a Wave' challenge, to surf everyday in September and get sponsored (or donations) to raise funds for remote surf communities. I managed to get a couple of shots of Robin Vandekreeke and also help out with the ManlyWomenSurf / Surfaid Meetup arranged by Mary.

Muscle Republic were also taking advantage of the perfect conditions, working on a some content and the morning light was so nice, I couldn't help but get a couple of the crew working their magic.

Enjoy my selection from September.

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Emu Parade (@ep.cleanup) BTS from the @SproutDaily, Surfrider and Ben & Jerry's campaign

Well trodden

Jonas (@jonas_draws) searching for a bank that's working

Lucas, on the glide

Even the ferry ride home had a few moments

Sunset on the harbour

Morning Freshie, the back burning gave a tinge to the sunrises

Robin, stretching before the paddle out

Mary | ManlyWomenSurf | SurfAid

Mary, Doug and the crew

Channi, Ellie and Anna


Back burning haze

Endless Summer vibe

Celia & Kaela